NRT is in 2017 naar Nederland gehaald met als doel zoveel mogelijk therapeuten op te leiden die hun patiënten/cliënten met behulp van NRT snel(er) van pijn kunnen verlossen. Inmiddels zijn in Nederland ongeveer 180 behandelaars opgeleid. Daarvan zijn er een aantal gespecialiseerd tot het niveau van geëxamineerd Master Certified Therapist.

NRT has been introduced in The Netherlands in 2017. Our purpose is to train as many therapists as possible so NRT is available to many patients/clients. In the meantime The Netherlands has about 180 NRT practitioners. A few of them are specialised Master Certified Therapist as indicated below. 

My low back pain was solved so fast and I experienced no pain at all! Instant result. So glad I discovered this therapy!

Long hours of running causes muscle ache. My therapist manages to remove that with NRT. Great, because I often want to go running. Recovery time is suddenly  down to almost zero!

My job causes neck pain and head aches.  My physiotherapist could not fix it.  NRT gave me what I truly needed...longlasting results! 

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