september 5, 2020 – september 6, 2020 hele dag
Trainspot Utrecht Kleinesingel
Trainspot Utrecht Kleinesingel 33 3572 GC Utrecht Nederland
Yvette Groenewegen
Upper Body @ Trainspot Utrecht Kleinesingel


Nice that you are interested in attending one or more of our (still for now) English Neural Reset Therapy seminars! There are 3 courses in total, namely Upper Body, Lower Body and Advanced. You can choose whether you want to start with Upper or Lower Body. You can register for the Advanced once you have completed both the Upper Body and Lower Body and have purchased the Home Study Modules. Both the Upper and Lower Body are 2 days in total. We advise you to have adequate muscle knowledge of the body, this will help you during training. You can find all information about NRT as well as the list of muscle names at https://www.neuralreset.net/NRT_Booklet_July_2019.pdf. You can register by sending an email to [email protected] – attn Yvette Groenewegen


The training starts at 8.30 am and lasts until 6.30 pm. On the first day there is theory in the morning and the rest of the 1.5 day you get to work with all the resets! So a lot of practice. Of course there are regular breaks and there is a lunch break around 12.30 / 1.00 pm. The training ends on the second day around 6 p.m. At the end of the 2nd day, you will go through all resets again. Afterwards you will receive a certificate stating that from then on you will be a Neural Reset Therapy practitioner!

Clothing: thin clothes for the massage table (running pants, yoga clothes, T-shirt, shorts) because you learn to palpate (feel the muscle knots) with clothes on. Also bring extra warm clothing, slippers (!) And socks. No shoes on the massage tables.


Upper Body: until August 5, 2020: € 575 incl. VAT. Then € 663 incl. VAT.

Lower Body: until August 27, 2020: € 575 incl. VAT. Then € 663 incl. VAT

During the training you can also purchase the extensive Home Study package in which all resets are explained in detail by Lawrence Woods himself plus 20 extra resets and other information that we will discuss in detail during the lesson. Participants of the previous lessons are very enthusiastic about the Home Study Modules. You can see exactly how the resets should be performed and together with your textbook you will quickly make big steps forward! The Home Study modules cost € 185 incl. VAT. You can only purchase a module when you are actually present in the classroom. It is therefore not possible to purchase the Upper Body Home Study module while doing the Lower Body training.

When you register, we ask for a deposit of € 100 (this will not be refunded in the event of cancellation!) And with that you guarantee yourself a place in the training, provided you receive full payment 1 month in advance!

If you have not yet paid 1 month before the training, the amount will increase to € 663 incl. VAT.

Location and exact dates: September
5 and 6, 2020: Upper Body September
12 and 13, 2020: Lower Body.

Address both seminars:

Trainspot Utrecht
Kleinesingel 33
3572 GC Utrecht
The Netherlands

Tel: 030-737058

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