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Lokatie Groenekan, Nederlandstalig of Engelstalig. Deelnemers kiezen, in overleg met de trainer, zelf de taal en de datum. Prijs €899 inclusief lunch en een reflex hammer. Exclusief Home Study. Koelkast aanwezig. Parkeren is gratis op de lokatie.

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december 29, 2021 @ 08:00 - 17:00



JUNE 4, 2022 – JUNE 5, 2022

Upper Body – Neural Reset Therapy

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De IJsfabriek
Vaartweg 92
1401 RD Bussum
The Netherlands

Layer 1

Tel: 06 5 1234 322

Upper Body

Subject-specifically suitable for:

all body-oriented therapies, naturopathic and energetic medicine

Therapeutic education:

anamnesis/diagnosis, professional ethics and medical knowledge

Entry level:

general knowledge and/or experience as a care provider required. No experience? Contact NRT Nederland, they may still be able to admit you.

Level of education:


Distribution of tax/study hours :

18 classroom, 10 self-study


€495 ex VAT, €598.95 incl. VAT


€495 ex VAT, €598.95 incl. VAT

The first training day consists of three hours of theory and 6 hours of practice. Second day: 8 hours of practice. This workout focuses on the lower body, all muscles from the T12 zone and above. For therapists who want to perfect their knowledge and resets, there is the possibility to purchase the ‘Home Study’ during the training in which all 31 techniques that are treated in the training are thoroughly explained by Lawrence Woods himself (founder of NRT), you get 13 new zones including forearms, hands and fingers. You will also learn 21 new techniques and see a full Upper Body NRT session, also performed by Lawrence Woods. Fascinating teaching material that allows you to grow even faster as an NRT therapist.

Day 1: morning – theory (3 hours)

– History of the origin of NRT and the advantages of this new therapy compared to many existing therapies.
– Explanation of Reciprocal Inhibition and the Law of Symmetry
– Explanation of mechanoreceptors
– Contraindications
– Palpating
– How to apply NRT
– Rules for optimal results
– Explanation of Zones in the body according to the NRT principle

Day 1: afternoon: practice (5 hours)

– Muscles explained from mid back to jaw plus their corresponding resets (forearms, hands and fingers in the Home Study)

Day 2: morning and afternoon: practice

– Questions about the 1st day, going through the resets on day 1
– Continued lesson from the mid back to jaw

Day 2: end of afternoon: practice test (not examined)

Going through all resets one after the other for half an hour: a student is then the ‘practitioner’ and the student on the table is the ‘patient’. This is the moment when the ‘practitioner’ shows what he/she has learned. Then the students switch, one treats, the other undergoes. The teacher pays extra attention to whether the resets are performed correctly.

End of the day: evaluation and certificate presentation.
And extra option to purchase Home Study material (self-study).

The spacious 85m2 training location on the top floor is equipped with air conditioning, a kitchen with refrigerator, a coffee corner and a terrace to sit or stand outside in the summer. If you come by train, it is a 6-minute walk from Naarden-Bussum station. If you come by car, you can park for free anywhere around the building. If all participants speak Dutch, the training will be given in Dutch. When other nationalities register, the training will be given in English. The Powerpoint slides, the books and the reference work are in English. For the time being, in view of the travel-limiting corona circumstances, there are currently no international registrations.

Preparation at home

To be better prepared for training, we advise you to go through the list of muscle names. These are also on the American site of On the front page of that site there is a brochure in which you can find a lot of information about NRT as well as all the muscles that we are going to treat. Or click on this link:

Start time seminar: day 1 and 2: 08.30
End of first day : 18.30
End of second day : around 18.00

You can purchase the Home Study during or after the training , in which all resets are explained in detail, additional resets and much more information to support you in NRT. This reference work costs €159.50 ex VAT, €193 incl. VAT. Payment is by iDeal.

Repetition training:

Have you already done an Upper or Lower Body training and do you want to refresh your knowledge? Now you can repeat the complete course for half the price! Send an email to Yvette if there are any places left.

Clothing :

preferably thin sportswear. Bring socks, no shoes on the tables.


During the training there is free coffee and tea and there is a refrigerator. You can, for example, put in your own lunch there. There is fruit and some sweets on the table during the training.

Afterwards you will receive a certificate and you will be a Neural Reset Therapy therapist.
For registration send an
email to:
Attn Yvette Groenewegen, she gives all registered NRT training courses in the Netherlands.


december 29, 2021
08:00 - 17:00