Quantum Alignment Technique

Quantum Alignment Technique

QAT is een methode om de lading van trauma uit weefsels te verwijderen en is ook een manier om weefsels te verbinden met de sensomotorische cortex. De motorische zenuwen geven informatie vanuit je hersenen door aan je spieren. Motorische zenuwen sturen dus spieren aan. De sensorische zenuwen geven juist informatie door vanuit je lichaam aan je hersenen. motorische cortex is een gebied in de hersenschors van de hersenen dat betrokken is bij de planning, controle en uitvoering van vrijwillige bewegingen. Het is wetenschap van hoog niveau. Er zijn zeer dramatische real-time veranderingen wanneer deze methode op de juiste manier worden gebruikt. Dit proces is ontwikkeld door een Canadese arts die samenwerkt met 2 Russische natuurkundigen.

Sinds 6 jaar behandel ik mijn clienten met NRT (Neural Reset Therapy). Daar is meer over te lezen op deze site onder NRT. Wanneer ik NRT toepas,  ben ik bewust bezig met de sensomotorische cortex. Ik voel (letterlijk) dat er een probleem is met de mate van spanning in het weefsel. NRT herstelt wonderbaarlijk snel en effectief de juiste hoeveelheid tonus in het doelweefsel. Pijn verdwijnt. 

QAT zal dat soort wijzigingen niet aanbrengen. Wat NRT niet doet, is het herstellen van de neurologische activeringsreflex in de spieren of andere weefsels. Nadat ik een NRT-sessie heb gedaan en toegepaste kinesiologische spiertesten op de behandelde spieren heb uitgevoerd, zult u merken dat veel van hen die reflex niet hebben. QAT zal die reflex herstellen. Bij het werken met cliënten na een beroerte of topsporters is het heel lonend om hun spieren optimaal te laten werken en onmiddellijk sterker te maken. QAT wordt in de paardenwereld al met geweldige resultaten gebruikt. 

Removing the charge of trauma
from tissues in the body

QAT is a method of removing the charge of trauma from tissues and also is a way of connecting tissues to the sensory-motor cortex. The motor cortex is an area within the cerebral cortex of the brain that is involved in the planning, control, and execution of voluntary movements. I will be using quantum field-infused devices to do those actions. Lasers are used to imprint quantum field information into a piece of copper which is enclosed in a vinyl jacket. This all sounds wildly esoteric, but it is not. It is high level science. There are very dramatic real-time changes when these devices are used appropriately. This process was developed by a Canadian doctor working with 2 Russian physicists. 

When treating my clients with NRT, I alert the sensory-motor cortex that there is a problem with the degree of tonus in the tissue. NRT quickly and effectively restores the proper amount of tonus in the target tissue. Pain disappears. QAT will not do that type of change. What it will do that NRT does not do, is restores the neurological activation reflex to the muscle or other tissues. After I do an NRT session and perform applied kinesiology style of muscle testing on the treated muscles, you will find that many of them do not have that reflex. QAT will restore that reflex. Click on the video links listed below to see that in action. It has been quite rewarding when working with post-stroke clients or top-level athletes to get their muscles to fire more optimally and instantaneously become stronger. QAT is being used in the equine world with great results. The golf-related videos on that channel are not the same system as QAT.

With QAT, I have a method of checking for any trauma to a tissue and removing it. You will be shocked just how many tissues in clients are malfunctioning due to the effects of trauma.

QAT can get your tissues on the right and left sides of the body to work together as a team. For example, you will find that people with SI joint issues will have the right and left SI joints not working together. Their inguinal ligaments will not be working together. With QAT, I can also balance the lobes of the brain. In a case study in the US with Lawrence he treated a young woman who had suffered from two or three seizures each and every day for the past four years, even though she was on two medications for that condition. Since treating her with QAT, she has not had one seizure over the past six weeks.

QAT is used to balance the acupuncture meridians. Twenty-four acupuncture points are used to test and balance the 12 meridians. This balancing can serve to improve organ function as well as restore muscle function.

There is an emotional process possible with QAT. Clients report that it can be pretty profound.

QAT can be used for self-treatment, which is impossible with NRT

QAT Testimonials

“QAT is remarkable. I sprained my left wrist very badly in massage school in 2008, and it healed but always swelled and was noticeable after doing a lot of massages. Fast forward to January 2020, and I reached up to give a hug to a friend. It felt like I’d dislocated my ulna and carpal bones, fell to the floor in pain, and my left wrist would not extend or flex – like it was paralyzed. Three years of chronic pain and stress from the wrist, plus $1000’s for care. Three prolotherapy treatments and 24/7 brace except to shower.  I worked throughout, but many times I thought my career was over (so painful and stressful); I practically gave one-armed massage for three years. Three days of a QAT seminar and class treatments from someone learning like I was…and the swelling, pain, constant guarding, and the fear it’s “ going to go out” accompanied by PTSD from three years of working over injury was gone. Two months later, it’s like nothing ever happened to my wrist, and I don’t even think about it!  I can do my work without pain and compensation and stopped carrying a wrist brace with me everywhere. Sign up immediately for QAT. It’s worth every penny!” Tara Siffin, USA

“Today I saw a client that I have treated for 1.5 years in combination with one of my colleagues who is trained in PDTR. He has had 2 accidents and suffered from head injury for years. He isn’t able to look at a blue screen or a tv for a long period of time, he always has strange muscle spasms in his neck and shoulder, problems with focusing his eyes, headaches, and so on. He has done every possible treatment he could think of, including an awful lot of chiropractic and orthomanual corrections. Only light improvement for a short period of time. Since we started MET, NRT, Mulligan, and NKT combined with the PDTR, things started to improve, but slowly. Today I did QAT on him.  Did the regular test for abnormal switching and polarities and started to work on his head and neck/shoulders.  I did the IRT and the connection for joints, ligaments, and muscles. I did the concussion, and I balanced his head and lobes as you showed us.
He just texted me…
For the first time in 20 years, he is able to look at screens and directly into blue light without any reaction. The spasms in his neck and shoulders are a lot less, and he can move his head from left to right without a problem. His blood pressure dropped to 123-81 ( was way too high in the last 20 years, and he also had medication for it.) He writes that he is almost afraid to sleep because he doesn’t want to lose it…
I also used QAT on a few other clients with joint and muscle problems. It was gone… just like that… I/m in shock. This is everything and more what I hoped to see and get for my clients.
So I just wanted to share this with you… This will greatly impact the quality of life for a lot of people who come to me.
Thank you…”
Folkert Rikkert de Koe
physiotherapist, The Netherlands

“I worked with a client today that had her car broken into and her purse stolen. She was distraught and mulling over the event in her mind keeping her from sleeping. I checked her cranium and neck for trauma, then made sure the brain was connected and balanced the lobes of the brain. I then proceeded with the emotional balancing technique. I had her think of the event, and I watched as she went into REM eye movement what I found fascinating was she went into REM movement on the side of the head, the left side, where I had found the majority of the trauma and the disconnections from the brain. After I watched that she had calmed, I asked her if she felt things were done. She said yes, and I asked what she felt about the event now. She said was like the event was there, but it was no longer bothering her. It just was.  I checked the other lobes of the brain and asked how the event felt with each one she had the same reaction. The event just was. It was no longer bothering her.  
I realize that having done my own work after class, doing an emotional balancing on myself, I am feeling the same thing that my client did with the event that I worked with. It just is, and I am feeling stronger about my resolving situations each day. [😃]
Thank you for the incredible class, Lawrence”
Wendy Smith

“I have had breakthroughs with most of my toughest clients using Quantum Alignment Technique since taking the class a month ago. Even though energy work has never been my strength, QAT has quickly become a core part of my practice. It treats pain and dysfunction that my physical techniques cannot touch.” 

“After my first quantum alignment technique session, I was able to immediately sleep on my left side, something I haven’t been able to do for 8 years due to pain and numbness that surgery couldn’t fix. I have now had multiple sessions and have had continued success along my left side, in addition to a complete reduction in pain in my knee when squatting. I have every intention of continuing regular QAT sessions as it has been the first and only successful treatment for my thoracic outlet syndrome and knee pain.” 
Caitlin Burns

“I had a really funny experience with the QAT yesterday with a guy I had treated for hip problems. He is about to leave the clinic and tells me he is going to have surgery on his forearm/hand because of a limitation in wrist movement. “
So I ask him: Have you had any treatment on the arm prior to this surgery? 
He said No. 
I said: do you mind if we just try something before you leave… Told my next client that I was running late 5min. 
So I spend 5 min. doing QAT, he had more ROM in that wrist than in the healthy wrist. 
That was mind-blowing.  He postponed the surgery. 🙂 
Danish therapist