Demo NRT

Achieving Yoga Pose Changes in Minutes Not Years with NRT Part 1

Watch amazing changes in a few minutes without stretching or any type of massage. Neural Reset Therapy® (NRT) is a truly innovative method of resetting muscles out of pain and tightness in a few seconds. See more at: or

Hamstring Fix in Seconds with NRT

This yoga teacher suffered a hamstring tear one year ago. This injury limited his ability to stretch and caused pain. Watch how Neural Reset Therapy® with 2 techniques, each only taking a few seconds, change his condition. See more at and

Correcting the foot for hip and knee pain through Neural Reset Therapy

Many therapists have never been taught about the importance of a freely movable subtalar joint of the foot for freeing the hip or knee from chronic pain. Neural Reset Therapy® can reset the muscles that restrict or even lock the joint in a few seconds. The NRT therapist can then reset the entire pattern of compensation through the whole body in less than 30 minutes for a more permanent effect.

Fast, Easy, Painless Release of the IT Band

Watch the founder of Neural Reset Therapy® easily release a very tight and tender right side IT Band by working only on the left side. This is a powerful demonstration of how to utilize the nervous system with the Twin Reset.